What In The World Is A “Twang”?

Country music has its routes and feelings deep into the western, blues and folk music. It appeared in the 20s and since then its popularity was fantastic and it continues to grow even in our times. Even though the world around seems to be having fun on electronic or house music, country keeps on healing broken hearts. Or have you thought that country is all about dancing and joy? It may seem it is, but its themes are generally based on loss, heart brakes, cheating wives or boyfriends or the author’s feelings that no one understands him.

Don’t get us wrong, country can be all about happy music. You will hear happy lyrics when the ex-boyfriend or cheating wife comes back or when the ones that no one understands become rebels and do what they want. But coming back to some important tips, how can you learn to sing country?

First of all, you need twang, that specific sound in your voice which will make any song that you interpret to be in country style. You don’t need to have it naturally as it can be practiced in the beginning in talking and then in singing. To succeed, try to think of twang as the sound of a guitar and try to make your voice incorporate it.

Believe it or not, twang is not specific only to country. It can be found also in blues. Actually, blues and country have a lot in common. They have twang, emotion, deep story and meaningful lyrics. In addition, if you decided to sing country, you need to transmit a story. Furthermore, if you think that you are already too old to learn how to train your voice to sing country, you are totally wrong. Country music is one of the few singing styles where age doesn’t matter and as a proof stand tons of artists who started singing in their 40s.